Creative Seating Charts Idea!

Jana and I have started our wedding reception decoration planning. Our wedding is in March 2012. We have been looking for ideas and I would love to share the ones we find with you! We decided to go with the “Alice In Wonderland” theme. Jana and I love the rustic and vintage feel and felt like this would be a perfect fit for us!

Today, I wanted to share with you a DIY seating chart idea for not only a “Alice in Wonderland” theme but a rustic themed wedding.  

Rustic Escort Card Door How-To

Escort Card Door How-To

Tools and Materials

  • Multipaned window or French door
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive tape
  • Water-based Sharpie paint maker ($10.50 for 3,

Basic How-To

This project will work on any glass-paned door or window.

1. Measure the panes. Type table numbers and the names of guests into your computer, designing them so that they will fit inside the panes.

2. Print out onto ordinary printer paper.

3. Tape the paper behind the glass so that you can see the text through the windowpane. Trace the letters and words onto the glass with the Sharpie paint maker.

4. Pull off the paper, and display the door.

When you are done with the door, soap and water will remove the markings.

From Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2011
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Need Wedding Favor Ideas?

If you haven’t heard already.. I’m getting married March 9, 2012! Jana (my fiancee) and I were sitting down trying to figure out what we could use as our wedding favors for our guests! I have written many notes down from each and every wedding I have been to. Thanks to y’all such wonderful brides and grooms for the great ideas! We decided a giving a custom fun photo booth picture favor would be the best idea! Not only would it be exciting to see all the crazy goofy pictures our guest would take, but at the same time we got to keep a copy of the pictures!!

The custom 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 photobooth picture work great as a wedding/party favor because mostly people put the wedding/party favors in a drawer, forget about them, or throw them away. With this Wedding and/or Party favor idea your friends will keep this either on the fridge, in a scrapbook, or in a frame! Your friends, family, and guest will remember your wedding/party for a lifetime with the silly pictures they got to take in the Moore Music Photo Booth at your wedding/event!

So, I would like to announce that Moore Music Entertainment has recently purchased a photo booth rental company! We currently are running one booth and planning on buying two more by Spring 2012!
Visit for more details.

Thanks for the great idea to the brides and grooms who had this wonderful party photo booth at their wedding! It will defiantly be an adventure for us here at Moore Music Entertainment!

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